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wonder woman knew what was up with whiny nerdboys and neckbeards a while ago

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Excellent photo, Alex.

"Flash Bang Selfie // 35mm Lomography Purple XR film."

- apex35mm

life is so weird. 

im so content with not coming into any sort of male contact for quite sometime. i had the urge,and then i squashed it. 

i got rid of it quietly, and now i will sit back and watch the days fly by, and as soon as i know it, ill be in florida. away from all of this.

closing at work for the first time in like a month and 1/2. 

shoot me 


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everything you love is here

the jezabels are amazing. i wish i knew about them when i had my car. rides with their music blaring would be fucking awesome.

My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone.
- American Psycho 


Konstantin Maksimov (Russian, 1913-1994) - Chinese Lanterns, 1956